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TaskCal is an experimental project to explore the potential for human task interaction management using internet standards for calendaring and collaboration.

TaskCal provides an internet calendaring interface to the jBPM process manager, providing standards based calendar agent access to an actors tasks via email (iMIP), HTTP (.ics) and CalDav. In addition actor details are available in an address book via CardDav, and processes can be listed and deployed using WebDav.

This experimental version supports a variety of use cases and is being made available to establish if there is interest in a more robust offering. An experimental add-on (taskcal-x) for Thunderbird Lightning to provide access to task variables is also available.

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Screen Shots

Task Summary on an iPhone / iTouch using eTask

Task Detail on an iPhone / iTouch using eTask

eM Client displaying jBPM tasks

eM Client Address Book with jBPM user details

jBPM viewed as WebDav folders


  • Calendar access to jBPM tasks using http/.ics or CalDav

  • Send e-Mail calendar invitations for tasks

  • Handle e-Mail invitation response (accept, decline)

  • Initiate processes by e-Mail calendar invitation

  • Ad-hoc task creation

  • Free Busy lookup via FreeBusy URL / or CaldDav Sched

  • Address book access (read only) using CardDav

  • Drag and drop deployment of processes via web folders (WebDav)

Calendar Clients

TaskCal requires an iCalendar client calendar / e-mail client. The following clients have been tested:

WebDav Clients

For web folder access a WebDav client is required. The following have been tested:


  • Dolphin – tested OK.

  • Nautilus – tested OK, except for unknown resource types e.g. AddressBook

Windows XP

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